Above Ground Pools

Complete Above Ground Pool Installation | MALAYSIA

Any of our pools can be made in the above ground version to be free standing out of the ground. We reinforce the walls of the pool and then do steel bracing around the pool too to reinforce the sides; so perfect for

– Roof Tops
– Mezzanine
– Balconies
– Apartment Blocks
– Hotels guest houses
– Fitness Centres

Also they are portable and can be installed and taken away at a later date if required. 

“Perfect for Rental Properties”



Option 1

  • Choose one of our flat bottom fiberglass pools from our factory manufactured pools delivered to the site & installed by crane on the roof top. Filtration connected, pool filled with water ready for swimming & surrounds within 2 days.

  • Construction methods for above ground bracing vary from country to country below is one version of above ground construction

Option 2

  • Roof Top Pools fully tiled & constructed on site tailor made to any size required.

  • Construction time approximately 10 days ready for tiling.

  • These pools are perfect for Hotels and Apartment blocks who did not include a pool in the initial construction.

  • Also perfect for a person with 3 or 4 stories town house and would like their own personal pool on top of Thier building available in all sizes from small to big.

  • Suitable for installation on existing Roof tops, Apartments, Hotel, Guest houses & Mezzanines.



  • 3 Days Installation- Ready for swimming

  • Reasonable Prices

  • No heavy Concrete Construction

  • Quick installation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low chemical costs


Enquire today about how we can do an ABOVE GROUND POOL FOR YOU and it takes 1 day to put it in position connect pump filter Etc and fill up with water ( in Most t Circumstances).

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