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Gemini – Introducing the Gemini combo system

The Gemini Combo System from Pool Controls represents the ultimate in salt water management.

Using the technology behind Pool Control’s award-winning ChemiGem D10 Water Management System, the Gemini Combo System twins a Gemini Salt Chlorinator with a Gemini Control Unit. The Gemini Control Unit monitors the pool water and activates the Gemini Salt Chlorinator only when needed.

This results in great energy savings and puts an end to over-chlorination, which can lead to bleached pool blankets and pool shells.

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The Gemini Control Unit also monitors the pH of the water and makes precise adjustments by feeding acid into the water as necessary.

Pool Controls is 100% Australian-owned and has been proudly manufacturing quality equipment in Australia for over thirty years.

All components of the Gemini Combo System come with a 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, plus an additional 3 years’ pro-rata warranty on the Gemini’s multi-electrode (probe) and cell.

Pool Controls has a dedicated Service Team Operating across Australia, able to provide expert advice and great after-care.

Installation diagram below illustrates how the Gemini Combo System works in practice:



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