Feast 7 Person Jacuzzi

  • Dimension(mm) 2150x1900x830
  • Seating Capacity 7 adults
  • Water Volume (liters) 1280 Gross Weight (Kg) 340
  • Net Weight(Kg) 280
  • Loading Capacity (20′ /40HQ)– (6)/(16)
  • Water pump   1 X  1.5Hp
  • Circulation pump   1  x    0.5Hp
  • Heater—  2.5KW
  • Skimmer with filter    50 sf
  • Stainless steel water jets     24
  • Ozone system  yes
  • A coat PU foam   yes
  •  Shell (Acrylic)   yes
  • Weatherable Polymer Cabinet    yes
  • Therapy Control Centre   yes
  • FM Radio with 2 pc skirt speakers   yes
  • Freeze/ Flow protection   yes
  • Stainless steel Frame   yes
  • Multi- colour LED Under water light
  • *Warm cover   yes
  • *Bottom panel yes
  • Notice: With “*” is optional configuration.

Skirt Colour


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This whirlpool has 41 water jets, seven seats with three pillows. With a simple push of a button, you can direct the full strength of the jet flow to each of the strategically  designed seats in your hot tub. With sophisticated design, the Feast Spa Pool can meet the limited space like small garden or backyard. Now you can take it and enjoy the wonderful sedation of relaxing in your spa.


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