Commercial Pool 25m x 5m

This pool is 25 x 5m and from 1m to 2m deep, this pool is the largest Fibreglass pool ever made and the largest pool ever transported 1400 km incident free. This pool comes from our range of pools from 15m to 25m long and 5m to 10m wide This pool is suited for mining camps in the north and can be installed as a total package. This pool has 4 pumps and filters and a computerised unit looking after all those who use her coupled with the addition of 1 tonne of salt and a salt water chlorination system to also keep the water good at a cheaper price. The pool weighs 4.8 tonne and in places is over 20mm thick to take the bang of our roads in the north .

These pools are able to be emptied without strutting allowing any maintenance in the future. This is our fourth order for this pool and we follow these pools and fully install them. We offer complete professional support. These pools are low maintenance as they have carefully designed filtration systems and ongoing maintenance service. We even truck these pools to site ourselves , a big load .

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