Cleopatra 5 Person Jacuzzi

  • Dimensions (mm) 2300 x 2300 x 930
  • Seating capacity 3 seats + 2 lounges
  • Water volume(litres) 2380
  • Gross Weight(Kg) 455
  • Net Weight(Kg) 435
  • Loading Capacity (20′ /40HQ)– (6)/(14)
  • Water pump   2X 3 Hp
  • Circulation pump   1 x  0.5  Hp
  • Heater—  2.5KW
  • Skimmer with filter     100sf
  • Grey water jets     84
  • Ozone system  yes
  • A coat PU foam   yes
  •  Shell (Acrylic)   yes
  • Weatherable Polymer Cabinet    yes
  • Therapy Control Centre   yes
  • FM Radio with 2 pc skirt speakers   yes
  • Freeze/ Flow protection   yes
  • Water fall    yes
  • Water Column Fountain   yes
  • Stainless steel Frame   yes
  • Multi- colour LED Under water light
  • Warm cover   yes
  • *Bottom panel yes
  • Notice: With “*” is optional configuration.

Skirt Colour


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[one-half-first]Cleopatra spa pool tub is perfect for a medium size family wanting to experience the ultimate leisure of relaxation, bigger space to move around and a taste of the luxury style. Features a surprising high-performances, sophisticated jets and 2 therapy pumps. Designed with 2 luxurious loungers located at two sides adjacent making the spa hot tub  a star with the unique massage configurations at each lounger. Rest of the tub shares 3 seats with different unparalleled hydro-therapeutic experience. From the 5 elegant flu-therapy seats offers a wider space to relax including a a cool off or a baby seat- a true one of a kind.[/one-half-first]


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