Lap Pools

We now have a huge range of  Lap Pools available all can be installed inground or above ground backed by our famous 30 Year Warranty. Restrictions due to transportation rules and regulations, some lap pools are moved in 2 piece and are joined in 1 on the site location. All lap pools built with steps and no steps available. Perfect for rooftops, hotels, guest houses, apartment blocks etc.

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Is lap pool swimming good for you?

Swimming in the lap pool has many advantages and is one of the most beneficial exercises anyone can do regardless of any age. Lap pools may come family-budget and as well as plenty of cost effective options which are far more affordable than the conventional backyard pool. 

Installing lap pool can utilize the unused spare space in the garden or backyard. Lap pools are narrow and long which can fit into  spaces of the home or property that conventional pools cannot.  It also offers great health benefits and fitness. 

lap pools thailand

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