Bionizer Pool Guardian System

No Salt No Chlorine No Algae No storing Hazardous Chemicals & 50% saving on power

chlorine free swimming pool

“The Healthiest, Safest, Most Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Pool and Spa system – Guaranteed!”

Chlorine Free Swimming Pool

A full Eco Pool Care System Bionizer has created a ‘Three-In-One’ Eco Bionizer Pool Care System which includes automated pH control, plus the exclusive pool oxidizer. This sophisticated system controls and times the pool pump and filter, while at the same automatically maintaining the water at a level of purity and clarity that will astound you.

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Benefits of Bionizer

Beautiful, natural drinking quality water to swim in, just like a pristine mountain lake.
No more sore eyes.
No more chlorine smell.
No need to shower after a swim.
No faded swimming costumes.
Ideal for asthma and eczema sufferers.
Never drag heavy bags of salt home from the pool shop again.
Eliminate the use of stabilizer (cyanuric acid) from your pool.
Reduced running costs. Save $ hundreds every year.
Reduced maintenance issues.
Much gentler on your pool and pool equipment. Zero corrosion from salt and chlorine.

Why Bionizer?

Once chlorine, salt and bromine were the only viable versions of pool control available. Unlike chlorinated water, ionised pool water will not dry out your skin, or leave your skin smelling of chlorine. A Bionizer pool will not affect your bathing suits, your hair or your pool covers. Besides that our Bionizer system is eczema and asthma friendly and will no longer give you sore eyes.

Bionizer has designed a new generation ioniser which is microchip and software controlled – and that outperforms all other pool systems. The Bionizer unit is unaffected by heat and will not corrode your pool equipment or surrounds. We went to work for several years to add all the essential features that over 17 years of industry experience has shown what pool and spa owners look for in a sophisticated, user-friendly pool control system.


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