Chlorine-Free Pure Water Technology

A Healthy, Low-Chemical, Low Power Cost Alternative To Chlorine & Salt Pools


Until recently, using chemicals to eliminate bacteria and algae had been the only efficient method available at reasonable cost to the pool and spa owner. However, a growing number of property owners are embracing alternatives that require less chemical usage. Now after years of research and pool knowledge, Bioniser Pty Ltd has addressed these concerns regarding ‘new’ pool and spa technology. With over 10 years experience in using natural methods of pool and spa control

  • Save Money
  • Reduce Water Wastage
  • Fully Digital and Easy to Use
  • Hot Weather Friendly
  • Anti Stain Function


With the Bioniser system on your pool you can rest easy knowing you are taking care of your family’s health, the planet and your pocket!

 Swimming in fresh clear water should be every pool owner’s joy. The Bionizer pool purifier will deliver you an algae free and pure pool day in day out with the bare minimum of effort and expense.
Like all good clean technology – the more simple the operating system, the more effective it is.
The Bionizer pool and spa purifying system works by passing a safe, low, DC electrical current between two Copper and Silver anodes (electrodes). This creates an abundance of natural mineral ions that are swept into the pool or spa where they remain on patrol guarding your pool and spa water from impurities.


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The King of Thailand has been here and this place has had a Bionizer and pH unit for over 3 years and they are 150 miles from nearest pool shop in the jungles of Khanom in Thailand.


“Anyone who swims in a Bionizer pool will never want to get in a chlorinated pool ever again – period. It astounds me how many people mistakenly believe that a salt water pool is terrific because it doesn’t use chlorine. The taste and feel of an ionised pool is what makes it great. There is no taste, no smell, and it feels soft. For 9 months of the year I swim every day and I used to get itchy dry skin when my pool was chlorinated. For the past 18 months in a Bionizer pool I have never had any skin irritation from daily swimming.

With Bionizer, Eco Oxidiser, and PH Boss I have very little maintenance. Topping up the acid drum weekly and maybe once every two months adding a little Ph Buffer to the water.

Get your Natural Crystal Clear Water Now!

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