Sauna Thailand

Options include :

1. Canadian hemlock, Canadian red cedar

2. 6mm Coloured Safety Glass removed floor panel can be used for SAHA stove & Harvia round stove.

3. Control panel(705M)/1pc, control box/1pc; Speaker/2pcs, Fan/1pc, Sky lights(7 colors)/90pcs, MP3 player(with bluetooth)/1set, remote control/1pc; Bench(600mm)/2pcs, door handle (hemlock)/1set;

4. G140 Halogen radiator, Back: 4x300W(1200W); right side/1x300W (300W); left side/2x300W (600W);Calves: 3x300W(900W); Total: 10pcs, 3000Watt;

5. Sauna Stove (SAHA 6KW, built-in panel) & Rocks, Wood vent, Bucket & Ladle, Hour glass, THERMO-HYGROMETER. 5) With 2pin plug (Europe Standard), 220V~240V, 50HZ; Neutral Packing;


Benefits for Your Skin

In terms of reaping the benefits for your skin, the sauna is better for muscle relaxation and lowering blood pressure whereas the steam room will help with overall detoxification of the body—the preference is yours. Saunas use dry heat whereas steam rooms use more moist heat. Both facilities open up your pores and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which will effectively aid in softening your skin. You will notice a healthy pink glow in your skin, which will make you look younger, so not only will you feel good but you will also look rejuvenated.

The steam also helps to clear out any impurities from the skin which is especially good for those who have acne. Similarly, saunas will help to eradicate blackheads to give you clearer skin.

That being said, do make sure that you don’t stay in there too long—spending too much time in a sauna can lead to excessive thirst and too much time in a steam room can cause dizziness or even a rapid heartbeat.

In addition to steam rooms and saunas, spas may also have specialist treatments available such as body wraps to aid weight loss and even deep tissue massages for muscle tension relief. Visiting a health spa is good for one’s well being—it not only relaxes the mind and body but can help with illnesses and decreases stress levels.

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